About Parka Studios

Make your professional music dreams a reality by practicing and recording in the one and only Parka Studios, a recording facility made by musicians for musicians to record and practice in a home-like environment equipped with the latest digital recording gear and a live room. Parka Studios offers 1400 square feet of professionally insulated recording and production rooms, a live room, and vocal booths for your recording needs. All artists/musicians are encouraged to call and visit, enjoying state of the art equipment, reasonable prices, a lounge room for guests and a space that can accommodate any musician from a soloist to full bands. Parka Studios is committed to providing a relaxing atmosphere where you can concentrate on your art, giving the gift of sound to those who dare to listen.

About Us

Parka Studios is a growing family-owned music recording studio located about ten minutes west of downtown Chicago in Berwyn, Illinois. A business offering Chicago land recording artists and bands a comfortable recording environment, the mission of Parka Studios is to enable artists and innovators of the Chicago land area the opportunity to fulfill their recording needs in a comfortable home-like atmosphere efficiently and cost effectively, in order to achieve a superior product of the highest professional quality. Parka Studios offers all of the quality and technology that larger recording studios offer, with a much more relaxed environment at a lower recording cost.